Plug Computer Partner Program

Together We Succeed

Accelerate your time-to-opportunity by joining the strongest team in Plug Computers-Marvell! Whether you provide products, services or solutions, partnering with Marvell is a major step to ensure your continued business success.

Marvell's "Plug Computer Partner Program" includes two different levels:

  • Registered
  • Premier

Why Join?

The Marvell Plug Computer is a development platform, targeted for use as a Plug Computer, that enables high performance, always-on, always-connected, and environmentally friendly computing readily available for consumers and developers. Unlike other embedded devices in the home, Marvell's Plug Computer contains a gigahertz-class processor designed to offer PC-class performance. Plug Computing has been quickly expanding, bringing users new devices, services, and value-added applications, as well as delivering advanced avenues for network connectivity.

Partners of the Plug Computer Partner Program gain access to some of Marvell's global resources, technology, and products. Together, we can explore and expand new technologies and services that deliver real value to Plug Computing customers.

By Becoming a Plug Computer Partner, You Can:

  • Capitalize on the Marvell brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace
  • Team with the best in Plug Computers to drive growth and profitability
  • Create opportunities to enter new markets with early access to the latest technologies

Relationship Categories and Basic Requirements

  • Registered Partner: This is the easiest way to join. You must:
    • Show intent to develop products on a Plug Computer Development Kit
    • Provide your company information and proof case of engagement/product to be developed
    • Purchase at least one Plug Computer Development Kit from a participating vendor.
  • Premier Partner: This represents a high degree of Plug Computer technology competence and expertise.You must have:
    • Already become a Registered Partner of the Plug Computer Partner Program
    • A committed plan to take your product to market
    • Proven working application
    • A working demo, approved by Marvell

Plug Computer Partner Program Benefits

By joining Marvell's Plug Computer Partnership Program, you have access to the support you need to succeed in the marketplace.

Learn more about Partner Program Benefits.

It Only Works When We Work Together

One of the real benefits of being a partner is the success we can achieve by working together. We all contribute time, unique skills and knowledge from which all of our partners benefit. We all gain insights and valuable contacts that we didn't have when we worked alone. And when we put our new abilities and resources to work, the advantages are clear: satisfied customers, increased revenue and greater profitability.

How to Apply

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive notification of acceptance as a Plug Computer Partner within seven business days. Your Plug Computer partnership is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually.