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Author Topic: Ctera Cloudplug is based on a v1.3 Sheevaplug  (Read 1849 times)
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« on: November 05, 2009, 02:02:37 PM »


I came across this review of the CTERA Cloudplug. On page 4 there is a good image of the Cloudplug PCB


They appear to be using a V1.3 Sheeva plug board, minus the small usb connector on the side, I cannot see whether the SD card connector is fitted as it is on the back side and does not protrude.

It looks like they have populated the esata connector and capacitors!!!

I am still soldering the 0402 capacitors onto mine. I have to keep ordering more caps as I keep losing them,  they are the size of a grain of granulated sugar, and once I drop them by accident onto the A-S sheet on my workplace, they vanish!  My eyesight  is really cra-p now, so I can only do a few minutes a time, before I have to quit for the the night.

I have also been looking at the OpenRd software, and trying to decide what patches and drivers I need to compile into a suitable kernel for my plug.  The mv_sata driver is mainstream I believe, but I found an initialization patch:- "001-Kirkwood-Initialise-SATA-for-OpenRD-Base.patch" which I am trying to understand.  There is also a question regarding base_layout I think. Still it keeps my brain from decaying to a mush watching TV soaps!




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