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Author Topic: Vimicro (and many other webcam) Drivers  (Read 3186 times)

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« on: March 14, 2013, 07:45:22 PM »

I have a SheevaPlug, which it seems at this point has been obsoleted by many other iterations of plug computer, but that's what I have, so that's what I'm working with.

I've done days of Googling and searching this forum for a solution, but to no avail (most of the results I clicked on here at plugcomputer.org resulted in 404 errors) :-(

What I'd like to do is set up a number of USB and IP webcams on my Sheeva, control them with the motion daemon, and then serve them with Apache2. All simple enough stuff!

I have motion and Apache2 configured and running, and I'm able to see my IP cameras this way just fine. The problem lies with my USB cameras.

Both of my USB cameras contain Vimicro chipsets. What I'm looking for is a video for linux driver for these cameras. As it turns out, there are a TON of cheap Chinese cameras out there that aren't really supported by Linux, so this guy (or group of two guys) made a package that will supposedly make over 260 generic webcams work as valid Video For Linux devices.

I downloaded the files from http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html, but when I try the make file, I get an error stating that I don't have the kernel source loaded onto my SheevaPlug, so, naturally, I go looking for the source. I can't find it anywhere (I'm guessing that the kernel is different for an ARM architecture, and that's why I can't find it, but I guess I'm more of a newb to linux than I thought). Even the links on plugcomputer.org that seem to lead to it just lead to that 404 page. So then I thought maybe I would upgrade to a newer kernel, and get the source for that, but I can't seem to do that either.

I'm kinda at a loss, here. I just want my cheap webcams to work with my SheevaPlug. I either A) have to get drivers for it to work B) find the correct kernel source or C) I don't know what.

Here's some information that may be pertinent:

uname -a output:
Linux sheevaplug-debian #1 Thu Mar 19 14:46:22 IST 2009 armv5tejl GNU/Linux

lsusb output:
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0ac8:3450 Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000

ls /dev | grep usb output:
(Through trial and error, I determined the last two are the webcam)

ls /dev | grep video output:

Any little nudge in the right direction would be great.




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