New sheeva/dream kernels


A Massive update which brings all of the long-term kernels up to date.

3.7.4, 3.6.11, 3.4.27, 3.2.37, 3.0.60,, are now available.

For everything besides Dreamplugs:
sudo ./ 3.7.4 --nandkernel (installs to nand)
sudo ./ 3.7.4 --rootkernel (installs to /boot)

For Dreamplugs:
sudo ./ 3.7.4 (installs to /boot)

Kernel and modules are available from:

Excellent!  Many thanks for these.

Do you know of any way to build additional modules from the standard kernel sources to your with your build?  Just that I'll probably be wanting the radio_keene one from radio/media soon and it might be nice to not have to compile form the start.

To answer my own post, these two links might help?
I'll test out the principles...
(although it is actually an in-tree kernel module I suppose I can always treat it as an out-of-tree one).

In the end it turned out I didn't need that kernel module at all.

It's a USB audio device (so that part works fine anyway), and there is a user-level tool that can be used to configure the frequency, etc..  In fact, on my Linux Mint system i have to blacklist the module to stop it claiming the device and preventing the user-level tool from working.


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