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Author Topic: Second Sata/micro SDHC ports for Guruplug Server Plus  (Read 2821 times)

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« on: September 16, 2013, 05:18:03 AM »

I know this product is old and hardly state of the art these days but I rely on them for my network services. Lately, they have become less than perfect in the reliability stakes. I cannot let this situation continue.

I find that I get errors on both MMC (sdhc cards) and hard disks. I am in the process of rebuilding them with external power supply and heatsinks to keep things cooler inside but I am still getting write errors on the unit rebuilt. I have replaced the RTC battery and the micro SDHC card.

In order to improve reliability, I am wondering if the second Sata port has all the components and the second micro SDHC 'socket' is equippped as well. I have checked the board traces against the schematic so I guess this was in the mind of the designer. I know I will have to get connectors as a minimum but I am wondering if anyone has already equipped these second ports and what was needed to make them work (hardware components, u-boot and kernel tweaks)?

Since I need at least two gigabit ethernet ports for routing etc, there are not too many replacement options - perhaps the Smile plug but that is a bit pricey for the job. Any suggestions?

Tony Pemberton

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