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Author Topic: photo album with external storage  (Read 5853 times)
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« on: July 09, 2012, 07:00:17 PM »

I have a Guruplug Server plus with the filesystem on  a 4GB microSD and have 64GB USB stick
mounted as vfat.

I set up the default Plogger photoalbum and everything seemed fine- I could upload pictures and
create albums.  I tried to move the folders for photos to the USB stick and leave symlinks to them
in the /var/www tree.  Now Plogger shows a mostly blank screen for the main page. Admin login shows
the filenames but the thumbnails are broken and  albums are blank. I moved the jpgs back to
/var/www but the page is still blank.

I tried a new install (RC1.0) from the Plogger website but get a php error

Notice: Undefined index: resize_option in /var/www/plogger/plog-load-config.php on line 138

It looks like there is no longer development of the Plogger project so I am giving up on it.

I found another app that looks equivalent:

Before I set up the mysql account and configure it, is there a way to have all of the large files for the picture
on the USB stick?  Since it is vfat, I know there are some permission issues.  I have it mounted like so:

LABEL=USB20FD   /media/usb0     vfat    rw,noexec,nodev,async,noatime,nodiratime,gid=33,umask=000 0 0

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