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Author Topic: Which U-boot supports sata port multipliers on Sheevaplu?  (Read 2702 times)
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« on: May 10, 2012, 11:47:31 AM »


Returning to my old Sheevaplug system, which I wish to use on a new venture, I am a bit out of touch.

I want to use my DIY Sata Sheevaplug with an Addonics AD5SAPM port multiplier.

Since the u-boot and kernel were very old I  went to Martin's web site and followed his installing debian on Sheevaplug guide. The first thing he required was to update the u-boot, to the denx variant version U-Boot 2011.12 .

Now this new u-boot works with a single Sata drive connected to the Sheevaplug, u-boot "sees" the drive and reports it correctly,  but when I connect the port multiplier, and perform an ide reset command,  uboot times out after about 30sec  and cannot "see" the PM.  I KNOW the PM is functioning, cause it works well with my OpenRd Ultimate box

I believe there are several people who have this working, please can anyone tell me  what version of uboot will work!   Does it have to be a Marvell u-boot, and if so where can I D/l one from?




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