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Author Topic: D2 unattended to display stream - suggestions please  (Read 2913 times)

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« on: January 26, 2012, 08:16:55 AM »

Greetings all,

I am considering the D2 for use as a client to receive video streams sent over the lan but I need guidance in selecting the software and configuration.  Point me in the right direction and I will take things as far as I can before asking more questions. This idea is just that - an idea. I don't know that it will be possible, practical, or most important, reliable.  I also can't afford to waste much time on false starts. Thus, my questions.

I am wanting the D2 to power up (preferably black screen or minimal blinking cursor) uoon application of power. On completion of boot, be listening for some kind of broadcast or stream. When a stream appears, put it on the display in full screen.  When the stream stops, back to black. I plan on sending streams only at the native resolution of the display, progressive only and either 24, 30 or 60 FPS.  The ultimate requirement is 1080P 60 FPS with support for 24 FPS as well. Conversions to these rates will be handled by the source server.  The streams will have a live component so there should be no buffering to speak of and delays from conversion and processing need to be minimized (none in the D2). There will probably be no audio in the stream (there may be later if we add more of these clients).  The number of these clients will be 2 or 3 on a private subnet running at 1G to start. There will be more bells and whistles I would like to have but that is the essential requirement.

The assumption is that I will be generating stream(s) from a Windows workstation using an app that can do that.  A rather large assumption, I know... I have intentionally not specified protocols (mpeg, etc) since at this point I don't care.  Whatever will work we will use. We need to get 1080P60 and will use whatever gets us that. Other assumptions - that a broadcast on a private subnet with no packet loss, etc. to identical devices with identical software (of course IP and MAC addr, etc will differ)  will produce video on displays that is very close to perfectly in sync, and separate but identical streams will also be nearly in sync. In the separate but equal scenario, any packet loss might accumulate which could be a problem.

Bells and whistles later may include:

 Webmin administration (this will probably be installed at start).
 A default slide show running on a schedule.  Streams will override of course.
 Slides may be on D2 or on local server (but possibly outside private subnet).
 NTP client to keep clocks in sync.
 Ability to stream unique content to each D2 as desired.
 Stuff I haven't thought of yet.

VLC might do what I want but there may be something better simpler or...

Thanks to all for your time.



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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2012, 07:59:30 PM »

I think gstreamer is better

due to at d2plug has hardware accerlate at gst framework, so I think gst is better

but I don't have any experence at your implement function so I just think if you could used gst is beeter ,others I don't have any idea

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