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Author Topic: Serious Newb need help getting started....  (Read 1963 times)

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« on: August 13, 2009, 06:35:28 PM »

Hey guys!

Ok, I have one of the Dev units. I was thinking of using it as a webcam video server so I can keep an eye on the dogs while I'm at work... I have a couple different webcams to try, including the ones that don't require drivers (so they work on Macs).

Thing is, I'm not a Linux user AT ALL! I can do basic (VERY basic) Unix stuff, but I'm more of a UI user, and Java programmer. Also, my machines are all Macs (2009 Mac Pro and an older Core2Duo MacBook.)

I'm looking for help:

1) getting the development environment I'll need to do the stuff listed in the Webcam Wiki guide going. I assume since there's no Mac version of the tools, I can do it via a VirtualBox VM install of some Linux flavor

2) I've found some issues while poking around on my plug, little things like it not keeping track of the date correctly, etc.  I'd ideally like to replace the built in system image with a better one if that's possible. At least update the current one with updates...

3) As I said, I want to do the webcam server thing. What I'd like is something that will require at a MINIMUM login/password, but preferably something that will encrypt so you'll need a digital certificate to connect and watch (this IS going to be watching inside my house after all!) and I'd like for it to be able to send across to my iPhone streaming if possible. I can write the iPhone side if need be, but the iPhone is pretty limited on streaming video formats... Has to be H264/AAC format. If that's not possible (I realize H264 is a mega processor suck) then just Mpeg2 would be fine so I could at least check from my laptop...

Any help/guidance is appreciated!


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