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Author Topic: Building u-boot for OpenRD-Ultimate  (Read 1565 times)

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« on: February 28, 2012, 04:01:02 AM »

Hi guys,

I know it isn't really a forum for openrd ( openrd.org seems pretty dead ). But i am trying to build a new u-boot for my openrd-ulti. I Kinda
ran into some small problems and hope you guys can help me out ( tried for multiple days now ).

First off, specs i use to compule:
  ubuntu maverick ( 10.10 )
  arm-linux-gnueabi compilers
  CROSS_COMILER is set to arm-linux-gnueabi-

If needed i can try to upload the vm somewhere

Things i need/problems:

1) I would like MMC/SD support
   for this i added the CONFIG_CMD_MMC stuff to the openrd-ultimate config. ( is this all i need to do ? )

2) Network
   I dl some premade bin but they all lack network support in u-boot. Even the precompiled thats on the document cd

3) Compile
  All the u-boot's i compiled don't work! There about 100k short in size ia 367k insted of 471k. Do i miss some libery's or compiler options?!

Any help/tips is greatly appreciated,


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