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Author Topic: A Kick-Butt Replacement Power Supply  (Read 14861 times)

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« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2011, 06:00:30 PM »

Sorry for the late reply, I was off the grid/web/cel-phone for a few days up near Mendocino, CA.  How weird to have no web access for a few days?  Crazy.

I reworked the board again (v3.0 now) so a friend could use it to control a generator installation he is responsible for, and use the sheevaplug to host a webpage for generator status/control.  In order to do that, I made a lot of the IO on the board 'optional' in nature, meaning that there are about 10 or so digital/analog IOs that can be used for things other than the power supply proper.  I added four relay drivers specifically for him, but I know they would be useful for me, too.

I am almost ready to send the board out for fab, but I am trying to decide if I should just bite the bullet and put the 5V DC-DC converter circuit on my board.  Also, I just ordered an 'energy harvester' demo board from Digikey.  It uses micropower CPUs and low power radio links to do interesting things.  I would like to add the radio to some revision of the power supply board so it could serve as a radio hub for all those micropowered sensors.  But that will take time to figure out how to use the radio for what I want, so I think I'll probably just send the board out as-is. It is all too easy to chase the latest "cool new thing".  If you do, you can fall into the trap of never actually finishing anything.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much detail you are looking for, but I can certainly answer questions.

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