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Author Topic: A silent GuruPlug that doesn't overheat any more.  (Read 3253 times)

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« on: March 08, 2011, 11:09:22 PM »

I finally modified my GuruPlug so it's cool and silent. Way more trouble than it was worth, and it doesn't get quite as cool as I 'd hoped, . The heatsink sits at around 114F, just warm to the touch. I had intended to enclose it with 1" wide strips of something and put a 50mm fan inside but I had a spare heatsink from a Core I3 and it was exactly the right size to fit. 2 4-40 screws hold it to the original heat spreader and I used Silver heatsink goo which keeps the spreader and sink at the same temperature. Now I can finally use it without worry.

The original screws are 0-80 so I put 0-80 studs in the bottom which the spacers screw onto and than the other side is 4-40 because it's easier to work with. The spacers are just over 1" tall plus another .050" where they fit into the cover.

It came out nicer than I'd hoped and not as nice I'd have liked, but it only took one try and it finally works the way it was supposed to..


* DSCN1288.JPG (52.77 KB, 503x414 - viewed 1594 times.)

* DSCN1290.JPG (58.35 KB, 520x377 - viewed 1265 times.)

* DSCN1291.JPG (57.18 KB, 469x453 - viewed 1247 times.)

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