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Author Topic: Where does u-boot store the env variables such as bootargs?  (Read 15601 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 19, 2009, 03:43:11 AM »

I've only had my Plug a week, so my set up is rapidly evolving. But currently, it's like this:

I have a linux x86, full desktop / development system, which holds various kernels and root filesystems for the Sheeva. These are ultimately organized under one (grand-)parent directory, and exported over both NFS and TFTP. So switching between kernels or filesystems means changing only one u-boot parameter.

For the record, this development system is actually a VirtualBox virtual machine, hosted on my MacBook Pro, and it has two (virtual) network cards: one is connected (via NAT) to the MacBook's AirPort, for internet connectivity; the other is bridged to the laptop's gigabit ethernet card, which is cabled directly to the Sheeva.

The gigabit interface on the Mac, the gigabit interface on the VirtualBox, and the gigabit interface on the Plug are all configured  on the the 172.16.*.* subnet, and the linux system forwards packets from one interface to the other, so that the Plug can use the VBox's 172.16 address as a gateway.

End result: I can carry all gear with me in my bag, then carry out the following steps when I'm ready to play:
1) Wake laptop from sleep and restore VirtualBox from its latest snapshot (30-45 seconds)
2) Cable Sheeva to laptop and boot. (another 30 seconds or so to SSH prompt)
Any internet access the laptop has is shared among all systems, and there's no need to use the serial cable.*

*except to switch boot settings, which is one more reason why we need this thread resolved!


Ann, a while back you wrote the above in a different context to a question of mine.  But now I am interested in just taking my plug and laptop on a trip.  I have a Lenovo netbook.  Can I connect the eithernet with a regular cable (the supplied one of ShPlug) to the notebook and and get connectivity between them?  Or do I need a special cross wired ethernet cable.  Currently I can boot off of the SDCard or USB (both alpah-6 kernel and file system in the external SDCard).

All I am interested in is connecting directly, avoiding any network.  I am about to go on a long cruise; I do not have much time to experiment; at least I need to have the right cable taken along.  (Currently I boot to a fixed ip in the local 192.168. subnet, to my regular router at home) and ssh from my laptop.  I do have working VMWare and Ubuntu on my netbook.

Any specific guideline will be appreciated.  Any reference/tutorial to the type of direct setup I want here?  I will have only at best spotty (but very very expensive) slow speed internet access on the boat and I am leaving in a day Smiley

Cordially, CqCn

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