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Author Topic: Steps Required to Upgrade SheevaPlug Kernel  (Read 9079 times)

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« on: July 31, 2009, 08:37:57 AM »

I recently took delivery of a SheevaPlug that I want to turn into a software router for a 3G USB Modem.  Since the pre-installed kernel is missing the required drivers, I plan to install the kernel from http://sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva/.

My original goal was to leave the pre-installed system untouched, for recovery and problem-determination purposes.  I followed the steps in http://www.openplug.org/plugwiki/index.php/SD_Card_As_Root_File_System to get the root file system on an 8GB SDHC card and have done all of my customization on this filesystem. 

My current uImage partition appears to be 2MB in size, and based on other posts the kernel will not fit.  Would the following steps work?
  • copy the recovery version of the root jffs2 to the SDHC card
  • boot using the SDHC rootfs and override mtdparts to define a 4MB uImage and a new NAND rootfs start
  • flash_eraseall the NAND rootfs and nand_write the root jffs2
  • save the environment variables
  • re-boot using the NAND rootfs to verify that everything is working
  • use the shell script http://sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva/README- to download and upgrade the kernel
  • reboot using the NAND rootfs after setting the mainlineLinux, arcnumber and bootargs as listed in shell script
  • reboot using the SDHC rootfs

An alternative solution would be to put the kernel and the rootfs on the SDHC card after upgrading u-Boot using the pointers found near the end of http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/sheevaplug/unpack.html.  Assuming that the newer u-Boot supports my SDHC card, this sounds like the best approach.  It allows me to keep the kernel and the rootfs together and minimizes the changes to the NAND setup.  Once I have the new u-Boot running, I should be able to figure out the steps to:
  • boot from the NAND rootfs
  • set up the boot and rootfs partitions on the SDHC card
  • copy over my existing SDHC rootfs setup
  • install the on the /boot partition of the SDHC card
  • reboot after setting the bootargs to use the SDHC uImage and rootfs partitions

Any guidance would be appreciated!  Although learning about the inner workings of u-Boot and Linux kernels is valuable, I would rather focus on getting my software router up and running.
      Thanks, Norbert

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