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Author Topic: Should i reinstall the os?  (Read 1394 times)

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« on: July 26, 2009, 04:32:09 PM »

some time ago i received my sheevaplug, and yesterday i plugged it, and seems to work fine... i can log via ssh...

i read some pages of the wiki:


among others... but i'm still uncertain about what to do...

the problems of the default install doesn't seem serious....

i want to use my sheevaplug with an usb attached drive... i'll mount it on /home and on other paths (i thought of using lvm) if the space in the internal flash isn't enough for /bin /usr/bin (or whatever)

i'm sure it can be done without reinstalling, but maybe such a radical change in the mount points would be better fitted with a reinstall?

besides, (if i'll do it) i'll reinstall an ubuntu 9.04... so for my choice of distribution the default installation is just fine...

what do you suggest?

another question:
in the wiki it's written:

Currently, the Marvell LSP Linux Kernel,, at the Plug Computer site, is officially supported, however, there is an orion git tree that is regularly upstreamed to mainline kernel.

As for today (April-27 2009) kernel.org 2.6.30-rc2 already have most of the bits to get a kernel up and running, missing the cpuidle framework and a fix for the SDIO interface that can be patched from the Marvell git.

should this mean that (with uboot properly configured) any image of an arm linux distribution with a kernel 2.6.30 or more (like the upcoming ubuntu karmic) will work fine? (except for those sdio interface and cpuidle mentioned above)

thank you

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