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Author Topic: SD image download or kernel fix  (Read 1280 times)

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« on: June 13, 2009, 03:33:04 AM »

Hi everyone, I'm new.

I'm not experienced at linux at all, but know some basic commands. When I got my plug, I played around with it and installed apache, tried to install cups, and bought an SD card to boot from it, because I wanted to set up gnome and vnc. Sadly, It said "Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 000280d0" (and a screen filled with characters I didn't understand) when I tried to install anything. I tried setting up a swap partition, but that didn't work, then I got a kernel failure and now it won't boot at all, it says "Bad Data CRC".

What do I do now? I know there are a lot of recovery options, but I have no idea what the difference is. My u-boot still works fine, but the kernel is broken and actully I just want to start over with the plug I got in the mail. Ideally, I'd like something I could just load onto my SD card from my computer (a mac, I can access the plug via 'screen'), pop it in the plug and have it working. That way I could make backups for when I mess it up again.

I was wondering, what's the difference between the following packages, and which one should I use?
'SheevaPlug Installer' ( http://openplug.org/index.php/us/resources/downloads?func=fileinfo&id=51 )
'SheevaPlug USB Recovery' ( http://openplug.org/index.php/us/resources/downloads?func=fileinfo&id=48 )
'SheevaPlug Filesystem' ( http://openplug.org/index.php/us/resources/downloads?func=fileinfo&id=50 )
'SheevaPlug LSP' ( http://openplug.org/index.php/us/resources/downloads?func=fileinfo&id=45 )

If someone can point me to an image that I can load onto my (2gb) SD card, that would be fantastic as well.

Thank you!

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