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Author Topic: Openembedded distribution on Sheevaplug and help on a application idea  (Read 2539 times)

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« on: November 15, 2010, 11:32:40 PM »

Hi all

I am new here, in fact this is my first post.
Been working on this little device for a couple of days. Smiley
I was wondering if any of you guys using open-embedded as default OS for sheeva? I was able to configure and run angstrom distribution on sheeva.
If someone is interested i can write a simple howto.
I am running the following on my sheeva with openembedded os.
- As Media server with MediaTomb (configured with youtube and lastfm support and transcoding) - using
- As a torrent box with transmission-daemon (webui for loading torrents) - using
- As IP security camera with motion application.
I am looking at what other interesting things can be done using the plug. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to control sheeva through email?
Idea is
I have a gmail client running on the sheeva, and whenever it receives a mail with predefined codes, it does a task(either a shell command or reply back) related to that code.
Is there a linux app on this line? if not how can i proceed.

- montamer


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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2010, 02:47:36 AM »

Do you have fetchmail and procmail/maildrop on Openembedded?  You could setup fetchmail to retrieve your gmail messages via imap or pop3.

In my case (using debian),  I have fetchmail running as a cron job.  Fetchmail passes every message onto maildrop which then performs a virus scan and runs the message through Spamassassin.  I also use maildrop to store emails directly into folders according to their subject (great for filtering mailing lists) so I don't end up with everything in my inbox.

I'm sure you could code a rule that would call specific scripts according to email subjects. 



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