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Author Topic: Guruplug as Access point+Ethernet  (Read 1734 times)
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« on: November 20, 2010, 03:08:15 AM »


  I have my guruplug running Zoneminder with 2 IP-Cams. The Guruplug is indoors connected thru ethernet to the router, both cameras are outdoors (distance to the router wifi ~3 meters & ~ 6 meters) working in Wifi mode.
 Sometimes, depending on the weather (yes!), the phase of the moon and the number of doors closed or open, the cameras loose the connection.
 I would like if this configuration is easy to do:
 - put the Guruplug outdoors, next to the camera that is closer to the router, this camera should be connected to a ethernet port of the guruplug.
 - the another camera should connect to the Guruplug working as access point, being outside, should have more signal.
 - link/bridge the Guruplug access point to another connection (?), so I could access to the Guruplug from outside, as I'm actually doing.

 Sounds feasible?. I'm a Linux newby, so I would like to receive some help to do it.

Thanks in advance,


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