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Author Topic: Sheevaplug + SIMPL + Phidgets ... an ideal combination?  (Read 2652 times)

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« on: May 20, 2009, 05:44:37 AM »

I facilitate an open source project called SIMPL (http://www.icanprogram.com/simpl).   SIMPL produces an ultra lightweight toolkit which can be used to join modules together into a seamless application using Send/Receive/Reply messaging first pioneered by QNX.     SIMPL modules are a great way to encapsulate complexity.   In fact we call those containers softwareICs in analogy to the hardware counterparts.    SIMPL modules can be written in any number of supported languages (C, C++, Python, JAVA or Tcl/Tk).    SIMPL modules can be run in their local sandbox or distributed across a network where at least one node runs Linux (often times without recompile or code changes).  There is an example of this in this article:


I have been facinated with another technology called Phidgets (http://phidgets.com).   Since the Sheevaplug supports USB it would seem a natural fit.    Encapsulate the Phidgets library in a SIMPL softwareIC,  expose a SIMPL message interface to the rest of the network and you'd have a very compelling platform in my opinion.

If there is sufficient interest I'd love to kickstart an open source project dedicated to bringing these three elements (Sheevaplug + SIMPL + Phidgets) together.     I have an underused project on Sourceforge which we could usurp for this purpose.     If interested contact me at icanbob [AT] gmail DOT com.


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