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Author Topic: Sheevaplug installer, external SD, distributions etc etc  (Read 1102 times)

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« on: November 09, 2010, 03:21:07 PM »

This is insane as far as I'm concerned, minicom/php/installer 1.0/bugs/errors/types of SD cards etc etc.
I'm not a rocket scientist, I would just like to update my Sheevaplug to latest Uboot/distro/external device ie SD card.

Installer 1.0 is completely mixed up, separate Windows/Linux host sections omg, I don't even understand half of what is in there, most things are written for people that actually know what they're doing ...
"Run sudo php /runme.php on host" wtf ... make up your mind, either it's on the host or on the plug, via serial or via ssh??? what is the name of the dev usb stick... stop autoboot, well tried every single button on keyboard, not stopping.
List from here till Tokio with things that make no sense.

All different distros, versions, custom install setups, don't get me wrong, the idea behind it is excellent, but everything else sheesh, a whole day of reading and no useful info that results in progress ...

Edit: Until just now I thought my Drobo FS was my worst hardware buy ever, I stand corrected, followed how to upgrade Uboot, bricked.
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