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Author Topic: Canon iP1700 on the SheevaPlug  (Read 1600 times)

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« on: September 15, 2010, 07:32:24 AM »


I've got a Canon iP1700 printer, previously networed using an EPIA-based server. The latter died (PSU), and I bought a Sheevaplug to replace it.

I was in the process of compiling the Canon iP2200 driver (only available driver to my knowledge) on the Sheevaplug, as I did many times before on x86 PCs, when I realized a few parts of it are provided in binary .so files. Of course, the compilation process tells it is skipping these uncompatible files, which are probably i386-only, and then fails with non-found libraries.

Is there any way I could still use this driver? A kind of x86 implementation on top of arm maybe? For example, would QEmu be usable for this purpose?

Alternately, would someone know of any other driver that works for this printer?


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