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Author Topic: Replaced SheevaPlug power supply with external adapter(pics, howto)  (Read 5193 times)

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« on: September 25, 2010, 04:17:45 PM »

So in a previous post I noted that my SheevaPlug's PSU was dead, today I went out to a local electronics store and purchased 3 items which I used to replace the PSU with an external AC-DC adapter.

Finished product

I did not need to use any regulators as the AC adapter is switched(keep this in mind when doing your purchase).

Testing to see if it works(And it did)

Basically what I purchased are these following items:

  • 5VDC 3A 15W Switched AC adapter
  • Wire cutter
  • Electric tape(soon to be replaced by a cap)

I did this will almost no electrical knowledge and read online about connecting positive and negative wires correctly.  So in effect, this tutorial is written for those with the same type of knowledge but would rather avoid searching everywhere online for the information they need.

Start by taking the AC adapter and the wire cutter, snap off the normal coaxial connector that is shipped with these units.  Be sure to buy a unit which clearly indicates which wire is positive and which is negative.  Normally the positive wire has a stripped gray line going through it.  Originally I thought the stripped line wire was for the negative, thank god I did my research before attempting to connect it to the plug...

Next, splice the wires apart on the AC adapter cord to have to wires.  Then either use a wire stripper or manually strip the wire, which I did.

After which, take your old PSU and use the wire cutter to snap off the Molex connector(the one that attaches to the Sheeva Board.  Strip all four wires to reveal the steel wires underneath.

Now, the fun part.  Twist both red wires together from the Molex connector, and also twist the black wires together to form two wires for positive and negative.  From the AC adapter, take the positive lead(one with the strips) and twist it together with the red lead from the Molex connector.  Next, take the negative lead from the AC adapter and twist it together with the black lead from the Molex connector.  Use either electrical tape, sodder, or a cap to keep the wires together.  I found that the legs from the SheevaPlug can also work as a temporary cap due to the hole in them.

Plug the AC adapter into a unpowered power bar with a on-off switch.  Switch the power bar on and enjoy a working Sheeva Plug with an external AC adapter.  I would recommend using the power bar when testing for the first time, due to the fact that if anything fails a flick of a switch can disable the power source and avoid possible danger.

The exact specs of the AC adapter used

With this AC adapter, I have tested connecting devices to it.  I copied these three photos from my phone connected to the device via USB through Ethernet by connecting via SFTP.  It even began charging my phone as well.  So, in effect, a 15 Watt AC adapter should work perfectly for any application on the device.

Happy moding!

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