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Author Topic: [ERROR - NEWBIE] SheevaPlug - Restaure system or install kernel 2.6.34  (Read 1651 times)

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« on: July 16, 2010, 05:15:56 AM »

Hi all,

i'm going to start the developpement of a gateway for a sensor network proxy on a SheevaPlug.

I have followed the instruction on the official documentation for replacing the default kernel by an Ubuntu with the kernel 2.6.34.
But I have faulted it, during the process, i have erase all the Nand Flash and the erase_all /dev/mtdblock0 and arase_all /dev/mtdblock1...

Now, I try to restaure the default version perhapps, some difficulties occures...

The different files that i used are :

I'm not sure to understand the different steps for installing an Ubuntu on the Nand Flash and boot on it...

I succeed to boot a linux image perhapps on SRAM memory but I can not give it a root file system to run :

* Throw the NFS boot : The error is : Kernel Panic No init found (try passing init option= ...) (Note : the folder on the nfs server is empty but accessible, is it correct ?)
* bubt ubuntu-9.0.5.Release.jffs2  and the different command to boot from : "SheevaPlug Development Kit - Writing Jaunty
Filesystem on the NAND flash" don't work and return the same error....

Can you explain me : How can I can restaure with an easy way the default system, and after or in same time, how can I use a kernel newer than 2.6.28 for rndis and ipv6 kernel module ?

Thanks at all,

PS : I am working on it since 3 days... So, please help me and Thanks

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