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Author Topic: My Sheevaplug to date (with a pic)  (Read 1398 times)
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« on: May 31, 2010, 03:40:54 PM »

I'm using mine as a utility web/mail/file/gnu-screen server in addition to storing pictures from the security webcam.

Had mine for about a year.  Its a perfect fit right onto this UPS unit.  That means I don't have to worry about ripping out wires or moving things.  I'm very pleased with the reliability.  Unlike other computers, there's no worry about ripping wires out or moving it to a new location.

THANK YOU to cbxbiker61 and countless others for maintaining a kernel, installer, and other helpful utilities.  I wish there were more names in the README files.  Good scripts have helped make this run flawlessly since I updated it 52 days ago.  Root is now from a Sandisk 16GB and much faster than I expected.  I have the USB into a hub for the external hard drive so the sheeva may run cool.

Having this little guy at home makes my cell phone more useful too.  I can press the Android Connectbot icon to do a passwordless ssh auth login where gnu-screen is the default shell.  That means hitting a button logs me in right where I left off the last time.  The sheeva has become my remote desktop.

This is perhaps the greatest computer I have seen in my lifetime.  That's my story.  I just wanted to brag about it.  I hope others have good stories to share too.

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