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Author Topic: guruplug quick setup for USB serial console win7(64-bit)  (Read 6189 times)

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« on: May 15, 2010, 11:32:18 PM »

Ok, as it took me a couple hours to work this all out here is the sequence to get the guruplug usb/jtag/serial port working on a win7 machine.

  • If your running win7 64-bit reboot the machine. Right before the windows splash screen comes up start pressing F8
  • When the menu shows up, select "disable driver signature checking" (you might be able to try bcedit test signing after everything else is working)
  • Connect the 4 wire cable between the port labeled UART on the jtag board to the guruplug.
  • Make sure the jtag board switch is set to UART
  • Now connect the JTAG cable
  • Download the 2.06.00 driver package from http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm (2.06.02 might work too, I wanted the signature to avoid all the win64 crap, but the vid/pid doesn't match the cat signature)
  • uncompress it to a folder
  • Plug in the guruplug
  • Plug in the jtag USB cable betwen the jtag board and the computer
  • Start the windows device manager, you should see two sheevaplug FTDI devices in error state
  • Right click one of them and say "Update driver software"
  • Select "Browse computer.." then "Let me pick.." then "have disk"
  • Then select "ftdibus" from the folder you uncompressed the driver package to
  • Then select "USB Serial Converter" from the list, it should be near the top
  • Accept all the warnings about it being the wrong driver, etc...
  • This should change the device to a "USB Serial Converter"
  • Repeat the process for the other FTDI device
  • One of these two driver updates should have created a new USB COM device in error state
  • Right click that device and go through the process except select the ftdiport from the uncompressed image
  • Then select the last device type of "USB Serial Port" from the list
  • This should enable the device in device manager as COM(x)
  • Start PUTTY (google for it if you don't have it). Select "Serial", type something like "COM3" (per the previous step)
  • Change "speed" to "115200" and click "open"
  • Then press enter a couple times, you should see the login prompt for the guruplug
  • The root password is the usual "nosoup4u"

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