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Author Topic: getting error while cross compiling the orion core  (Read 1651 times)

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« on: February 09, 2010, 11:54:00 PM »

Hi All
 I am new to plug computer and just started playing with it. I downloaded the latest orion core from the plug computer site and the cross compiler. While I try cross compiling I am getting the following error:

In file included from drivers/serial/8250.c:95:
include/asm/serial.h:18:29: error: asm/arch/serial.h: No such file or directory
drivers/serial/8250.c:107: error: 'STD_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS' undeclared here (not in a function)
drivers/serial/8250.c:107: error: expected '}' before 'EXTRA_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS'
  CC      drivers/spi/spi.o
  LD      drivers/telephony/built-in.o
drivers/serial/8250.c:2740: error: initializer element is not constant
drivers/serial/8250.c:2740: error: (near initialization for 'serial_mutex.wait_lock')

The source code is downloaded as such from the web site. I did not change any setting on makemenuconfig.

Can someone help me as in why i am getting this error? Your help is appreciated.


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