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Author Topic: Much better than a nslu2?  (Read 9263 times)

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« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2010, 11:59:24 AM »

cant help but feel ive been a little misunderstood... lol.
I know you cant get N speeds from a nslu2, but what i said is im not getting speeds faster than 100mbit on a 300mbit N connection. (laptop to laptop for example).
All i mean is that this N stuff seems to be a bit of a con really, you dont get close to 300mbit, tho its ok for getting wired speeds without a cable.

All i want from the N network is speeds to compare with a wired connection. Smiley

And yes, N routers with ADSL modems and gigabit ports are rare in UK at least.

i'll go for a sheevaplug i think, and hopefully i'll be able to get 9mbs on samba.

Make sure you're using WPA/WPA2 with AES and not TKIP. I don't get 300mbit speed on my wireless but its definitely faster than my wired (for those devices using 100mbit of course)

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« Reply #16 on: February 19, 2010, 03:54:51 PM »

Yeah ive always ran on AES WPA2... maybe its the 5100agn wireless card.

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