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Author Topic: Cross compile newer u-boot versions (>3.4.25)  (Read 1748 times)

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« on: February 24, 2010, 01:48:38 AM »


yesterday I've managed to build plain version of u-boot 3.4.27 as it is provided by marvell which is able to boot from SD card. The trick was doing the build on the plug itself. When I use one of the crosstoolchains provided by marvell or even the newest one by codesourcery the SD boot doesn't work. At ext2load or fat (don't care which one is used) every 344 to 346 byte is damaged when the image is copied into memory. Further I've investigated that doing a load to an uneven address, e.g. 0x999999 and trying to boot from this address causes an exception which doesn't occour when I use an older u-boot version.

Anyone here who can guess what the cause for such problems with newer u-boot versions could be?

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