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1  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Help with File systems on my Sheva plug running ubuntu on: January 13, 2011, 09:52:02 AM
Loving my Plug!!  I have a SheevaPlug running the standard UBUNTU distro as the OS.  I have moved the RFS to an SD card using the excellent instructions in the FAQ. 

Recently my SD card failed. (lots of input output errors on command execution.)   I use the Plug currently as a webserver and a NAS.  So lots of data passing back and forth.  Was thinking I should use a hard disk as the RFS as a way to up reliability.

My Stab at a solution:
I want to use my USB Passport drive as the Root file system.  I have a powered hub and it mounts fine.  I hope I am simply missing something as I assume most people would want to have the RFS on a larger drive.  Or is it the case that you base the web on the hard drive and the RFS does not matter?

Is this the right thing to do? i.e. even if it is possible,  would the experts recommend another way of using storage on my Plug?
Is there a definitive FAQ to show me the steps to doing this?

Sorry if this is a newbe question or there is another place that addresses this and I havent found it..
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