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376  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Running mail server on SheevaPlug on: September 10, 2009, 03:55:15 PM
...and the /var/spool/mail is also not good.
...but can be made a symlink to a place that is good, if you're using pre-compiled code.
377  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Re: usb hid device not working, not showing up in /dev on: September 10, 2009, 03:48:09 PM
Well 0d50:0008 doesn't show up in the standard sets of usb ids (at http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids), so it looks as though something has edited your system files.  And I suspect that a rule for udev/hald was added at the same time?
378  Linux Stuff / General Linux questions / Re: Stale NFS file handle on: September 10, 2009, 03:38:20 PM
The error message "Stale NFS file handle" appeared on various commands, after a power-cut.
That should only be reported by a client that has an NFS file system mounted from a server.  It can occur if yoiu have a handle to a file which has been replaced from a 3rd system, or if the server itself reboots and has to fix the file-system (so that its version number changes). This latter bit sounds close to what you see, except you say you aren't running NFS.  In that case you shouldn't see the message at all.  So somewhat odd.

I took the card and did a e2fsck on it on my computer : it had several broken files in /etc and /var/log/messages
After a repair, the filesystem seems ok, and everything seems fine.
On a power cut the in-memory data won't have been flushed, so recent changes may be missing.  With ext3 the journal at least keeps the meta-data correct (so the file contents may not be exactly as expected, but the filesystem structures will be - it turns the problem from a system one to an application level one)

Maybe if the card was formatted with ext3, it would be safer?
Yes - doesn't need a reformat, though, you can add a journal to an ext2 (with tune2fs?)
379  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Setting up sheevaplug with wlan on: September 09, 2009, 02:01:08 PM
BTW the scripts so far seem to be working, though I still have yet to find a proper place to put the sheevaplug (and ext. hard drive).
Good.  I changed the aerial on mine, which enabled me to get a better signal, as it has a longer lead, allowing more placement freedom.  If I reboot it seems to lose association once within the first day, then stays connected.  Almost as though it learns!
Now I need how to figure out how to do port forwarding on the sheevaplug (as I'm using no-ip.com as well). No idea on that one -- !
Don't you need to do port-forwarding on your router?  Or are you using the Plug as a router  Shocked
I'm interested in how to set the Ethernet interface to be on a different network (well - that bit's easy) and route between it and the Wifi device.
380  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / U-Boot stuff / Re: Env setup for: uboot from mmccard, if fails then boot from usb sequence on: September 09, 2009, 01:49:20 PM
I am a bit curious though:  What does an SDcard presented through a USB reader look like?  Does it look like an mmc device or an sd device, or something else? 
It will look like a USB device.  The adaptor you put it into makes it look like USB - just as that adaptor in an external USB disk drive makes an PATA/SATA device look like a USB one.
381  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Can't connect to sheevaplug from outside home network on: September 07, 2009, 04:19:52 PM
Is it possible to connect my plug via the external ip, from a computer from the same local network?
It isn't on my router.  It either goes LAN->WAN or WAN->LAN, but not LAN->WAN->LAN.

I set entries in my local /etc/hosts files with the internal address of my local systems attached to their external names.
382  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Re: uBoot and booting from SD/USB? on: September 05, 2009, 05:41:32 PM
/dev/mtdblock0 is not a file system, CqCn; it is a raw partition that contains the bootable image.  You might be able to "dd if=/dev/mtdblock0 of=/uImage" and get away with it, but my guess is that it wouldn't work, especially if you have any bad blocks in that area of your NAND. 
Just out of curiosity then, how does the boot process manage to read the image correctly? Isn't it using the same principle?
383  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / Hardware / Re: Spinning down usb attached hard drive on: September 05, 2009, 10:25:58 AM
Hmmm....it's just occurred to me that I have an external Maxtor 160GB disk.  It's used as a very-high-latency,  but high-bandwidth way to move large amounts of file data from an attached digital PVR to another system, so it's not left attached normally.
But, when it is plugged in and hasn't been accessed for a while (10-15 mins?) the power light start to pulse, and any attempt to access it take a few seconds to get a response.  That seems to show the symptoms of having spun down.  But it doesn't appear to be related to the system - rather it seems to be a function of the drive itself?
384  Linux Stuff / General Linux questions / Re: DVD burning? on: September 02, 2009, 04:58:49 PM
Are there USB DVD-rom drives that are not compatible with the SheevaPlug?
If you want to write you'll need more than a DVD-ROM.  I'd expect any DVD writer to work.  I've just plugged in my ancient IOMEGA  DVDRW4224INQ-D which I have in a USB enclosure and it shows up as:
root@plug:~# cat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info
CD-ROM information, Id: cdrom.c 3.20 2003/12/17

drive name:             sr0
drive speed:            32
drive # of slots:       1
Can close tray:         1
Can open tray:          1
Can lock tray:          1
Can change speed:       1
Can select disk:        0
Can read multisession:  1
Can read MCN:           1
Reports media changed:  1
Can play audio:         1
Can write CD-R:         1
Can write CD-RW:        1
Can read DVD:           1
Can write DVD-R:        1
Can write DVD-RAM:      1
Can read MRW:           1
Can write MRW:          1
Can write RAM:          1
which is what I'd expect

Is there a command-line method or script to easily create and burn DVD images from a given directory?
genisoimage should be able to do things.
385  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / U-Boot stuff / Re: after new kernel system hungs after "done, booting the kernel." on: September 02, 2009, 04:49:19 PM
Root-NFS: Server returned error -13 while mounting /tftpboot/DB88FXX81
Are you expecting to use tftp+NFS?

I guess I do not have any mmc driver or so?
There should be an mmcinit in your bootargs (directly on indirectly) for that.
386  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Post your working SD cards here! on: September 01, 2009, 06:00:12 PM
Verbatim. Class 6.  8GB SDHC Pro.
Working fine.
Running the rootfs (but still booting from NAND at present).
387  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Re: Reliable SD support by disabling highspeed operations on: August 30, 2009, 05:28:08 PM
I'd expect the code to be in the uImage rather than the modules since if it were in the modules you'd have to get it loaded in order to mount to partition on the SD card that contains the modules (if you were running with rootfs on the SD card) which you are trying to load.....
388  General Category / Success stories / Re: Success Story: Web based terminal on sheevaplug on: August 28, 2009, 04:53:58 PM
Some other links of interest for the concept of external access into a Plug (albeit not web-based)Mix and stir as needed.
389  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Setting up sheevaplug with wlan on: August 27, 2009, 06:24:57 PM
Ok, giving those scripts a try. Do I have to do anything extra to activate them?
No - just drop the control file into /etc/cron.d.  cron will see that the directory has changed at its next minute-wakeup.
I got the new wlan, btw.
New wlan?  You mean the Alpha USB dongle?
390  General Category / General Discussion / Re: No internet access after alpha-6 installer on: August 26, 2009, 01:12:07 PM
By doing a setenv ethaddr to my plugs MAC it seems to have worked on my test environment, will show tomorrow in the lab for sure.
Really?  I must try that then... When I ran setenv ethaddr=... I followed it with printenv to check it had changed - and it had actually disappeared so I didn't even try to saveenv!
Since I'm actually running off USB Wifi I suppose it's worth a try.
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