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1  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / Hardware / PogoPlug Variations on: May 01, 2009, 05:13:20 PM
Searching PogPlug on this forum yields only a generally supportive comment:

".... and it's a development board.

This exact same hardware is being sold as a commercial product.

PogoPlug.  so I'd not blame it on begin a Dev board when there is a company shipping it as a fully stable product."

The product performed, very well, until something happened using the available user space http://seongbae.blogspot.com/2009/04/about-devmtdblock3-on-pogoplug.html. I had successfully installed Samba http://seongbae.blogspot.com/2009/04/how-to-install-samba-on-pogoplug.html after starting down the ssh login path suggested by Jed Putterman at CloudEngines support http://pogoplug.uservoice.com/pages/8670-general/suggestions/129156-enable-ssh-login-. I was working on a Lighttpd install when things went very wrong and I didn't see information here about being fixing what appears to be a software problem until after I disconnected and tried to unsuccessfully reboot my PogoPlug.

What do the green blinking lights with the port side light solid for a second or two before both go to blinking red and eventually cycling to both red blinking and then recycling to the blinking green mean?

After some effort and viewing documentation, I noticed an important difference between PogoPlug and SheevaPlug. The mini USB connector and SD slot are covered on the PogoPlug. Apt-get was also unsupported. RMA looks to be my best option and next time using ARM little endian cross tools as recommended.
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