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1  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / Hardware / Re: FreeAgent GoFlex based on sheevaplug on: August 13, 2010, 02:10:03 AM
Well, my goal is to downsize my ZFS server running on Opensolaris 2009.6 which draws 115W/h for 8x1Tb in raidZ2, roughly 115 Euro/y operating cost.
A plug with 2x Sata would open the possibility for running 2HD in ZFS mirror with FreeBsd 9. (i think).

The issue would probably be the available RAM. 128M  sounds very little, although with a reguar HD, we can have a swap.

Going with a Sheevaplug or a Guru+ plug and a sata expander raise the initial costs.

Instead of getting a Dockstar (29 euro approx to play with), I am considering going direct to the goflex at 69 euro and adding if necessary a USB hub onto it.

(why ZFS ?, well i lost most of my main computer storage to a voltage spike. My data was backed up on a 2nd PC online and on USB HD offline. Discovered that just a few files were corrupted on each, I am now running a UPS and rotating the HD off-site).
2  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / Hardware / FreeAgent GoFlex based on sheevaplug on: August 12, 2010, 01:35:08 PM
Just came across the FreeAgent GoFlex™ Net - SEAGATE-STAK200 at 69,9 euro.
looks like a sheeva based  docking station for 2 Sata 2.5 inch HD with 128 Mb RAM running a kind of Pogoplug software.
The interesting bit is the standard sata connectors.

I am very tempted to buy one to play with, but the lack of memory may pervent running a too-large server.

what is your experience with a dockstar ?
3  General Category / Marvell PlugIN - Free Your Imagination / A more robust digital archive: ZFS on plugs on: August 12, 2010, 10:27:20 AM
The combination of:
- large data collections
- error rate of typical HD
- file system not designed for robustness

creates the need for a device providing better data survivability than current NAS at a reasonable operating cost.
(my own testing shows 45 W/h for ATOM based 2 HD NAs and 115 W/H for Core2Duo 6HD NAS, translating to as many $ or Euro/year, ergo 45 $/y or 115$/y in electricity)

Tonido and Dockstar/Flexstar cloud approach work a lot like QNAP/Synologic backup-over-network systems (don't know about thecus offer).
but do not address data quality.

The only one Filesystem i am aware of that provide much better data survivability is ZFS.
EDIT: from either HD failure or from operator error (through snapshot)

The killer app would be:
- 2 NAS (one at home, one at friends/parents/network), synchronized over the Internet (data encryption if 2nd NAs at untrusted location or fear of network traffic intercept)
- each NAS running 2 HD in ZFS mirror with scheduled weekly scrubbing
- HD  providing storage over the network through samba/cifs/iscsi protocol or application (mediatomb, etc..)
- plug-and-forget hide-in-a-closet operation

Can any plug (including the annonced 2.0 Ghz part) run ZFS (either Freebsd 9.0 or a light Opensolaris distribution such as EON) ?
The only 2-Sata sheeva-based part I am aware of is the Seagate Goflex station which is limited to 128 Mb RAM.

As Marvell releases new HW every 6 months in its ARM lineup, what can we expect down the line ?

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