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1  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Problems building and inserting driver module for Ralink RT3070 (RT307X/RT3072) on: May 15, 2010, 08:19:02 PM
Hello everyone,

I am new to the sheeva platform and I have been reading this site for several weeks finding it very resourceful. I'm trying to develop an application involving wifi for the SheevaPlug and have run into an issue with drivers and was hoping to get some feedback/help from the community.

I have a number of Ralink chipset 802.11n USB wifi devices (RT3070/RT3072 chipsets) that i wanted to test with my SheevaPlug (v1.3). I'm using an upgraded u-boot 3.4.27 - pingtoo patch.01 and Debian Linux running on kernel.

After downloading the driver source from Ralink's website I followed the notes (link) to add the MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") to the driver source to overcome one of the bugs. The driver compiles fine with the default make settings and I get a fully built RT3070STA.ko module.

However, when I go to install the module insmod RT3070STA.ko I get the error:

insmod: error inserting 'rt3070sta.ko': -1 Invalid module format

When I check the output of dmesg I see this:

[12633.806712] rt3070sta: unknown relocation: 3

I'm building from this version of the ralink source: DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.2_20100412

Wondering if anyone else has had any luck or someone could point me in the right direction to resolve this issue.

Thank you,


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