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1  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / U-Boot stuff / Re: D2Plug - reinstall u-boot on bricked device on: July 12, 2012, 05:17:49 AM
Yeah, talkin' about NDA...

I ended up calling about three or four "Sales Representatives", asking about a solution for the problem. But there is none, unless people are willing to found an IT-company. Because only then one would be applicable to apply for an account at Marvell's extranet... Bummer!!! Thanks a lot Marvell!!! Nice product support!!!

I also wrote an email to the people at globalscale technologies, since I bought my D2Plug incl. the guruplug jtag-device at that place. The answer was talking about shipping a new SPI flash with the correct u-boot on it to my place. And I would have to brush up on my soldering skills, since the solution involves opening the plug and changing the SPI flash with a soldering iron...

So customers are stuck with either a bricked plug lacking the needed software to flash u-boot or customers can take a chance at soldering a new part onto the platine... Looking at the parts after taking them apart, I don't think average-joe like me will be able to successfully solder anything off that plug, not even thinking of putting something back on there with a soldering iron.

The only thing left, as far as I understand the whole mess here, is becoming an openocd expert and converting the d2plug.xdb files to an openocd compatible format. Probably should have done that the first thing and not waste two weeks of time and endless hours of effort to find an easy way out of this chicken/egg situation.

So here it comes: anybody got some good links explaining the openocd cfg-format? or any information regarding the subject at hand here?


ps: looking at hardware specs, the CuBox apparently is almost equal to the d2plug. their wiki talks about a possibility of flashing the plug with a serial (no-jtag) connection and a u-boot.specific-model.UART.bin file. Now I managed to build one of those from the sources, but I couldn't get the plug to eat the file via xmodem-upload. Maybe another way to put some life back into a bricked d2plug?
2  Hardware and U-Boot firmware / U-Boot stuff / Re: D2Plug - reinstall u-boot on bricked device on: July 11, 2012, 06:16:01 PM

I do have the same problem. I've spent days now looking for a solution. Nothing worked out so far.

please read the original post. there is little to no help giving a link to a pdf that does in no way help any further. sure, we need a XDB Debugger and the Marvell extreme debugger as it says in the documentation. but that doesn't help with the question WHERE TO BUY such equipment.

btw, I think it is totally shitty to tell people to use tools only professionals working in hardware-development are able to get their hands on.

Or does someone here have a link for a download for the "Marvell eXtreme Debugger" software?

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