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31  Linux Stuff / General Linux questions / Re: [SheevaPlug] Which distro to upgrade to? Running Freeswitch? on: February 08, 2012, 03:56:28 AM
This is my first post on this forum though not particularly new to Sheevaplugs etc.

I also am running Freeswitch on a Sheevaplug for my home PBX. I origonally compiled version 1.0.4 but I think I am now running 1.0.8. I am using Debian Wheezy with a kernel 3.0.3. I natively compiled with the latest gcc available at the time. The setup has been reliable apart from the sheevaplug PSU failure. I am registered with two SIP providers but my ADSL broadband bandwidth is not good enough to give high quality speech (a rural area). There are 5 SIP phones, a PAP2T, a D-Link VTA box origonlly locked to Vonage but now unlocked to work with the 'plug PBX, an SPA3102 for PSTN access. I have 5 SIP phones attached. At present, I am using SIP protocols so speech uses the Sheevaplug rather than RTP for direct phone to phone connections. As there is only two users here at home, the number of calls is not a problem at present.

initially i did have a compilation error which was due to C type casting that I think was in module 'sofia_mod.c' though it is quite a while since I compiled so I can't be 100% sure.

I would certainly recommend the freeswitch book which is plugged on the freeswitch site. I have made some comments on the NewIT site about Freeswitch also.

There are many bells and whistles I hope to implement though time is a problem! I have recently been exploring the FusionPBX GUI for Freeswitch though my previous experience with FusionPBX wiped out my Freeswitch configuration which I had to regenerate from scratch. I now back up the config before meddling with freeswitch.

I have the feeling there is a Freeswitch repository at 'dotweb.org' but I havn't yet investigated. In any case, that may be for Intel hardware. The FusionPBX site has some installation scripts for both Freeswitch and FusionPBX but they are quite complex and I have not tried anything yet. I need to try these out on a non-live sheevaplug.

Have fun anyway.
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