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1  Linux Stuff / General Linux questions / Dreamplug: Updated Bluetooth drivers? on: October 13, 2011, 10:59:54 AM
Hi all,
  I am having some issues with the Bluetooth drivers on the Dreamplug not working correctly.  I was using the command-line obexftp client on an Intel Ubuntu linux, and it works perfectly there, but on the Dreamplug it does not work.  I am suspicious that the problem is with my bluetooth drivers for the DP hardware.

Can someone tell me:
1) What code talks to the BT hardware?  Is it the "btmrvl_sdio.ko" extension, or something else (like one of the files in /etc/firmware)?
2) When the device boots, it seems to want to go online to download updated versions of these drivers.  Is this something that should ever work (it never seems to).
3) Anything else you can think of that might help this feature work better on the DP.

2  Linux Stuff / Kernel / sheeva.with-linux.com offline on: September 30, 2011, 05:59:24 AM
Does anyone know if sheeva.with-linux.com is offline temporarily or permanently?  I was hoping to get a prebuilt kernel newer than the one I have, but the site's been offline ever since I discovered that it existed.  Does anyone know who runs it, and how I might contact them?
3  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Re: Help Compiling a Kernel Extension on: September 29, 2011, 01:30:16 PM
Thanks!  I wasn't aware of that site.  Is it offline currently?  I can't get the site to load.
4  Linux Stuff / Kernel / Help Compiling a Kernel Extension on: September 29, 2011, 11:10:17 AM
  I'm new to the platform, and I need to get the Clear 4G Dongle to work with it.  The page here:


The DreamPlug is running the debian distribution, and actually has a version of this kernel module in it already, but unfortunately it's the old one.

dp-f0ad4e00937f:~/ppp_sierra# modinfo sierra | head
filename:       /lib/modules/
license:        GPL
version:        v.1.7.16
description:    USB Driver for Sierra Wireless USB modems

According to the web site, I need v1.7.40 to get the AirCard 250U to work.

My question is this -- can I just upgrade to a newer kernel and get this newer driver, and if so, how?

If the answer is "no" then I may have more questions Smiley  Thanks for your time.
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