Commercial Partners

Commercial Partners


The Promwad Innovation Company is the largest independent electronics design center in Eastern Europe, founded in 2004.


Amahi's flagship product is the very popular open source Amahi Home Server, now available for the Plug Computer Platform.


The market for applications operating on mobile communications networks is going strong, as demonstrated by the many apps available for the Android and iPhone devices.

KCodes Corporation

Kcodes is devoted to networking technology for many years. We are specializing in design service utilizing our own developed USB over IP, SMB server and cloud computing technology.


PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a fancy word for a phone system. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is the Internet based protocol for establishing phone calls on the web and can be thought of as http for voice.


Bringing it all together - Shaspa Bridge a universal translator to enable the interaction between sensors, appliances and cloud based services

Prosyst OSGi

An OSGi framework is a Java middleware which extends significantly the functionality of the Java layer and can be deployed on various classes of devices such as PCs, residential gateways, mobile phones and telematics systems.


The WebTView platform is an end-to-end software platform that dynamically discovers and automatically classifies high quality Internet TV content.


The PlugServer is an all-in-one, always-on, compact device that provides IT solutions (email, web hosting, file sharing, and more) for small businesses and home offices.


PV's software products form the foundation for audience-interactive media experiences that give your consumers the freedom to enjoy multimedia however, whenever and wherever they want.


TonidoPlug is a tiny, low power, low cost home server based on 1.2 GHz Sheeva processor that allows you to access your applications, files, photos, music and media from anywhere (Powered by Tonido).


Eyecon Technologies dramatically enhances your entertainment experience by providing unparalleled access and interactivity between you, your media, and your connected home entertainment devices.


Axentra Corporation proudly adds to its award winning HipServ family, HipServ for Plug Computing. HipServ for Plug Computing allows OEM's and Service Providers to quickly go to market with a branded home server solution tailored for the very powerful yet very affordable Marvell plug computer.


CTERA Networks delivers next-generation storage solutions that combine the convenience of Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances with the reliability and scalability of online backup and storage services.