About Plug Computer

About plugcomputer.org

Plugcomputer.org is the premier web resource for the plug computer development community. The available forums, wikis, and software downloads facilitate software development on the plug platform and the free and open exchange of ideas and software. In addition, the site provides information on what plug computers are currently available and where to purchase them.

What is a Plug Computer?

A plug computer is a small form factor server, intended to provide network-based services within the home. Built on a Marvell system-on-chip, the Marvell plug computer enables high-performance, always-on, always-connected, and environmentally-friendly computing that is readily available for developers. Unlike other embedded devices in the home it contains a gigahertz- class processor designed to offer PC-class performance.

The plug computer is suitable for file sharing, running a media server, back-up services, and remote access functions. It can be used as a bridge between home computing devices and Internet-based services. Plug computing is quickly expanding—delivering new devices, services, value-added applications, and advanced network connectivity to users.


The plug ships with Linux, the most popular open-source operating system. However, any operating system that is compatible with ARM CPUs—such as FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows CE, etc.—may potentially run on the platform.


The range of applications is bounded only by the imagination of the developer.

Examples of typical use cases:

  • Compact, high-performance file server for home computers.
  • Multimedia server for DLNA-enabled players, such as the Sony PS3.
  • Web proxy, enabling fast, cached access to Web sites.
  • Storage of home video surveillance streams.
  • Automation of downloads and uploads to Web sites.

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Where can I get support?

  • The Documentation: The community-driven Wiki is the main support point, providing a wealth of information on the plug, mostly in a "how-to" format.
  • The Forums: An active discussion community organized by various topics—such as hardware, Linux, boot loader, application ideas, and more. Feel free to ask any questions in the forums.