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Openembedded is an easy to use, extensible and leading open source cross-compilation environment. Using Openembedded you can easily create your own custom firmwares for your plug devices using any of the thousands of packages included in the project.

Openembedded can be installed on most Linux distributions and does most of the hard work in automating firmware and package builds for you!

More Information

>== Openembedded Support for Sheevaplug ==

In the main Openembedded git repository building for the Sheevaplug (and various other Marvell Kirkwood based reference design boards) is supported. At the time of writing this uses the kernel sources available in the Marvell Orion git repository which are based on Linux 2.6.29-rc7.

If you are new to Openembedded follow the getting started guide above. Once you have set this up and started building its a good idea to look at some package recipes then check out some basic topics in the manual when you want to start configuring stuff for yourself.


  • When you configure your local.conf set sheevaplug as your MACHINE
  • If in doubt when selecting a distribution we used angstrom-2008.1 for adding support for the Sheevaplug

OE Based Distributions Supporting Sheevaplug